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Best Dog Parks in Peterborough

The best dog parks in Peterborough provide safe and friendly off-leash areas, where you and your dog can exercise and socialize. Play and exercise are vital for your dog’s mental and physical well-being. A trip to one of these parks is the perfect way to attain this, while also strengthening your bond with your canine companion.

Here are the best dog parks in Peterborough:

Beavermead Park 

2011 Ashburnham Dr, Peterborough, ON K9L 1P8

Beavermead Park - Dog Park in Peterborough

Even though Beavermead Park is not an official leash-free dog park, you will surely encounter a pup or two here. The park occupies 53 acres of land and is considered one of the largest parks in the city. With scenic views and an abundance of trails and natural areas, your pup won’t want to miss out on the adventure. The park is located on the southeast shore of Little Lake, a great spot for a swim. There’s also a trail that runs through Beavermead Park and over a historical loch that connects with Rogers Cove. With captivating views and even better company, this makes for a great lakeside stroll with your canine friend. Other features include a beach, playground with accessible features, beach volleyball courts, soccer fields, a pavilion, and an outdoor gymnasium. This park has so much to offer for you and your dog’s next adventure.

Jackson Park

610 Parkhill Rd W, Peterborough, ON K9J 6N6

Jackson Park - Dog Park in Peterborough

If you and your dog prefer a more natural space to exercise, relax and have fun, Jackson Park is the perfect escape from urban life. This jewel of nature offers limitless options to relish in the beauty of nature. You and your dog can walk amongst the oldest trees in the city, or enjoy a wonderful hike along the Trans-Canada-Trail. Once inside the park there are endless possibilities for exploring. Encompassing almost 50 hectares of land, this park continues to serve as the lungs of the city. The park unfolds into a meandering green space along the Jackson creek. Other features of the area include a friendly playground, parking, public restrooms, picnic tables. and even a pagoda bridge. Although this is not an official leash-free area, this natural oasis won’t disappoint. 

Millenium Park

131 King St, Peterborough, ON K9J 0A5

Millenium Park - Dog Park in Peterborough

It may not be an official off-leash zone but this park is very welcoming to our four-legged friends. The park is located in the downtown core on the east end of Simcoe Street to Little Lake. It features a beautifully manicured walking path along the Otonabee River with extensive flower beds, a butterfly garden, and historical sculptures. One to check out is the striking sculpture of a wolf cub (Esker) staring down at the mother wolf. This beautiful piece embodies the history of its location on the Otonabee River. Throughout the area there are plenty of grassy spots and benches to relax. At the heart of Millenium Park, you will find the Silver Bean Café where you can stop by for a coffee to enjoy for the duration of your visit. As the park connects with the Trans Canada Trail, it also serves as a picturesque resting point for those passing through. This park has something for everyone in the community and truly represents the natural and cultural heritage of the area. 

Peterborough Dog Club Off-leash Dog Park 

1880 Ashburnham Dr, Peterborough, ON K9L 1P8

Peterborough Dog Club Off-leash Dog Park - Dog Park in Peterborough

If you’re looking for an open space to exercise and socialize your dog without the confinement of a leash, this park is a great place for that. 

Peterborough off-leash dog park is located in Farmcrest Park along the south side of Willowcreek Trail. The leash-free area of the park provides three separate fenced sections for your dog to run free and play with their pals. The small and narrow section is designated for smaller dogs who are shy or just need a break from the bigger, bouncier pups. The park also provides two shelters and seating. Parking is available at the Ashburnham entrance as well as Beavermead Park. Both parking areas are about a 10-minute walk from the park. The park is located on city property and maintained by Public Works. 

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