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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is NutriCanine?

    NutriCanine is a Canadian dog food company that makes feeding your dog high-quality nutrition from freshly prepared cooked meals easy and convenient. We offer a personalized meal plan subscription service, where we learn all about your pup, create a customized meal plan to meet their unique dietary needs, and then deliver real-food meals to your door on a recurring basis in pre-portioned, ready-to-serve meal packs. All of our nutrient-dense and easily digestible meals are developed by a dog food formulation specialist to be complete and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines and for an incredible flavour and texture that even the pickiest pups (and pet parents) love. We only use real, fresh, human-grade ingredients – free of hormones and antibiotics, with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

  • How does it work?

    When you complete our online questionnaire, we use the information you provide to create a custom meal plan tailored to your dog’s unique nutritional needs. You get to select which recipes your pup prefers, and choose between our Full Plan (delivered every 2 weeks) and Topper Plan (delivered every 4 weeks). Then, freshly prepared meals will be delivered right to your door on a recurring basis in convenient, pre-portioned, easy-to-peel serving packs to make mealtime simple. Your pup's food arrives in refrigerated and environmentally friendly boxes that keep the food safe. We perfectly time recurring deliveries to make sure you never run out of food, but we offer a flexible service, so you’ll have the ability to adjust deliveries and meal options at any time.

Food, Health & Safety

  • What ingredients do you use, and what do you mean by "human-edible"?

    We start with only fresh, whole foods sourced from local farms in Ontario. All our ingredients are free of hormones and antibiotics, with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. We never use feed-grade ingredients, meat meals, or anything artificial, so you know your pup is getting only the highest quality, safest nutrition available.

    Not only do we only use ingredients that meet the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards for human consumption, but our meals are also prepared in a kitchen certified to make food for humans. Simply put, our dog-designed food might be higher quality than what you feed yourself. Our food standards go above and beyond industry requirements and most other pet food companies’ practices, because we believe in serving our dogs like family.

  • What specific quality control measures are in place to ensure the safety and quality of your ingredients and meals?

    NutriCanine’s fresh dog food has stringent quality control processes from procurement to production, packaging, and distribution. Our suppliers are thoroughly audited to ensure the highest quality standards, and each ingredient we use is CFIA-certified for human consumption (a higher safety standard than most pet foods). Our gently cooked meals are made in small batches because they give us more control to maintain nutritional integrity and proper safety. We then test each batch for foodborne diseases such as salmonella and E. coli before packaging. Our fresh recipes are perishable, so they require additional safety considerations. Then meals are flash-frozen, vacuum sealed and safely shipped using gel packs and insulation to maintain freshness. By inspecting each ingredient and rigorously testing throughout the supply chain, we ensure that every meal meets our high quality and safety standards – from farm to bowl.

  • What are the benefits of a NutriCanine diet?

    With complete and balanced nutrition from NutriCanine, you’ll start to see health benefits in your dog, including improved digestion, fresher breath, more stable energy levels, reduction of allergies and intolerances, brighter eyes, fresher breath, cleaner and whiter teeth, a stronger immune system, a thicker and glossier coat, less flatulence, and firmer stools, to name a few.

  • Is your food vet recommended?

    Yes! We work alongside veterinarians and agrologists to develop recipes that are complete and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines. In fact, we're part of a network of over 3,000 veterinarians that we'd be happy to connect you with virtually. As a benefit to being part of the NutriCanine pack, we can provide you with a free 30-minute virtual consultation where you can discuss your pup.

    While many vets disagree about different food trends, just about every vet agrees that fresh, nutritionally balanced food is excellent for dogs. All NutriCanine meals are formulated to replace a standard diet fully, but many pups with a range of health issues that require diet supplementation are also doing great on our meal plans. Feel free to have a look at our recipes and discuss with your vet to determine which ones are the best fit for your dog.

  • How do you tailor the food to my dog?

    We have developed a proprietary algorithm, created in collaboration with our veterinary nutritionist, that takes your dog's weight, breed, age, activity level and allergies into account to formulate recipes for your dog and the precise portion they should be fed.

  • How do I know I am feeding my dog the right amount?

    While most companies give you a rough approximation of how much you should be feeding your dog based solely on their size, our proprietary algorithm determines the exact number of calories you should be giving them, taking into account additional information, like your dog’s breed, body composition, and activity level. This ensures they’re getting the precise nutrition they need.

  • What if my dog has a sensitive stomach?

    Upset bellies are the worst – for dogs and humans – and they can be caused by any number of factors, including allergies, an inability to break down certain nutrients, an obsession with eating grass. It's essential to try to understand what is causing your dog's sensitive stomach, especially before trying out new food. If you transition your dog over, it will take some time for your dog's stomach flora time to adapt to the new diet. Our customers often find our gently cooked lamb and chicken recipes easier to transition, and it tends to be better with pups who have gastro issues.

  • How should I store my dog's food? Does it need to be refrigerated?

    Yes! Since our food is truly fresh, and we donʼt use any preservatives, itʼs essential that you treat it as real food (because it is!). When you receive your box, place the meals in the freezer immediately. Meals can be defrosted in the refrigerator overnight or in warm water just before serving. You can feed directly from the fridge (but if your dog is a picky eater, they'll go crazy for the aroma of a warmed-up meal!). Our vacuum-sealed packs can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months and in the refrigerator for up to 4 days before serving. Your first box will also include an easy guide on proper storage and feeding.

  • What if I need to change the amount of food my dog is being fed?

    All you have to do is email us directly at info@nutricanine.ca the changes you would like to make to your dog's profile. Our customer service team will be more than glad to help you out.

  • Are the recipes balanced?

    All of our recipes have been developed by an agrologist to be both delicious and nutritious. They each include the perfect proportion of human-grade animal protein, fruits, veggies and a Vitamin Mix to ensure they're complete and balanced based on AAFCO guidelines, with all the nutrition your dog needs to thrive.

  • What's the difference between the Full Plan and the Topper Plan?

    With our Full Plan, you get 14 days' worth of food making up 100% of your dog's daily calories delivered every 2 weeks. We recommend the full plan to get all of the benefits of a complete fresh diet.

    With our Topper Plan, you’ll get enough food for 50% of your dog's daily calories to supplement their current food delivered every 4 weeks. This is a great way to get the benefits of fresh food at a more affordable price.

    You can always make changes to your meal plan, including the amount of food you get and the frequency, by sending us an email at info@nutricanine.ca.

  • Are the gently cooked recipes fully cooked?

    Yes, our gently cooked recipes are fully cooked and tested for pathogens. In fact, it's safe enough for human consumption as it's made with only human-grade ingredients in a kitchen that also makes human food.

  • My dog has a health condition - is your food safe for them?

    Many dogs with various health conditions are thriving on our food. We recommend that you have a look at our recipes and check with your vet which recipes might be a good fit for your dog.

  • How do I transition my dog to fresh food?

    You can learn all about transitioning your dog to fresh food in our simple-to-follow guide. There will also be a Welcome Guide in your first meal plan box with all the info you need to know about transitioning, storing and seving fresh dog food.

Orders, Shipping, Delivery and Account Changes

  • How much does NutriCanine's meal plan cost?

    Plans start at $2.30/day and include free shipping in Ontario. Each dog is different, and full-meal and topper pricing will depend on various factors, including age, weight, breed, activity level, and more. Because we deliver the food right to your door, you can be sure that your dollars are going towards the highest quality ingredients, not to the mark-ups of a big retail store. To determine your exact costs, fill out our short questionnaire.

  • How does payment work? When am I charged?

    Payment will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on the Tuesday of the week before your next expected delivery to cover your next meal box. If you need to pause, skip, edit, or cancel your subscription, you can email us at info@nutricanine.ca, or call us at 1-416-726-1311. Each dog's meals are made to order, so all cancellation requests must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on the day before your next order payment is scheduled to be processed.

  • When will I receive my order? How long will it take to arrive?

    Your first NutriCanine delivery will arrive within 1 to 10 business days. After that, you’ll receive your orders on a reucurring basis - every 14 days if you're on our Full Plan, or every 28 days if you're on our Topper Plan. We perfectly time deliveries to make sure you never run out of food, and you will have the ability to adjust deliveries at by sending us an email.

  • How does shipping work?

    With our meal plans, customers receive deliveries of freshly prepared food on a recurring and flexible basis. Plans are customized to fit your dog's needs and come in convenient pre-portioned serving packs to make feeding easy. Your pup's food arrives in refrigerated and environmentally friendly boxes that keep the food safe. We perfectly time deliveries to make sure you never run out of food, and you will have the ability to adjust deliveries at any time by sending us an email. You will be notified when your delivery has arrived at your door. We currently ship across Canada, and offer free shipping across Ontario, Quebec and to most major cities across Canada.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We're proudly Canadian, serving Canadian pups and pawrents across most of Canada. We offer free delivery to the following areas: Ontario, Quebec, Calgary, the Greater Vancouver Area, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Red Deer, and St. Albert.

    If you find yourself outside our shipping zone, fret not! We have solutions. If you reside outside our regular shipping area, we have two options for you:

    1. Pick-Up Option: We warmly invite you to visit our location at 75 West Beaver Creek Rd Unit 6, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1K4 to collect your NutriCanine order in person. Our doors are open by appointment 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

    2. Premium Delivery Service: For customers outside our shipping zone who still want their NutriCanine order delivered right to their doorstep, we offer a premium delivery service. By paying an additional fee, you can indulge in the comfort of having our offerings brought straight to your home. Just email us know your postal code and we will determine the cost and feasibility of delivering to your area.

  • How can I manage my subscription or cancel my account?

    When it comes to managing your subscription, you're in control. If you need to pause, skip, edit, or cancel your subscription, you can email us at info@nutricanine.ca, or call us at 1-416-726-1311. You can also adjust portions, rush or delay a shipment, change recipes, and modify shipping or billing information. If NutriCanine isn’t right for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at info@nutricanine.ca. Each dog's meals are made to order, so all cancellation requests must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST on the business day before your next order payment is scheduled to be processed. Payments are scheduled to be processed on the Tuesday of the week before your next delivery day.

  • Can I return the packaging?

    Yes, you can return your packaging if you live in the Greater Toronto Area as part of our recycling program! On delivery day, leave your NutriCanine cardboard box, insulation liners and ice packs from the previous delivery outside. When the NutriCanine delivery driver arrives with your new meal box, they will pick up the old items to be reused.

    *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is on hold for health and safety concerns.

  • Are your boxes recyclable?

    Our boxes are made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. If you're not able to participate in our GTA recycling program, fold up your old box and put it with the rest of your household recyclables.

    *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the box return program is on hold for health and safety concerns.

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