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Fresh dog food, delivered

Vet-approved meals made simple and delicious.

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Real Fresh Food

All our meals are freshly prepared with real human-edible, locally sourced ingredients. No hormones, no antibiotics, no by-products, and no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Personalized Meals

We learn about your pup and create a customized meal plan for their unique nutritional needs. Recipes come pre-portioned and ready to serve for a mess-free mealtime!

Delivered To Your Door

No more trips to the pet store. Your dog’s meals are delivered directly to your door in a refrigerated box. All you need to do is defrost and serve.

Cute dog behind kitchen table Dog with Nutricanine.ca food box

Canada's most trusted fresh dog food brand

NutriCanine makes it easy for you to feed your dog like family, so you can spend less time at the vet and more years with your pup. All our meals come pre-portioned and ready to serve. We deliver right to your door on a flexible subscription schedule that can be paused, modified or cancelled at any time. Feeding your pup fresh food has never been easier!

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Recipes guided by science & made with love

All of our gently cooked recipes are developed by an agrologist to be nutrient-dense, lick-the-bowl-clean delicious and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines.

Chicken Recipe

Bowl lickin' good - but we don't keep our recipe a secret! Inside, you'll find only the highest quality chicken plus fruits and veggies, like nutrient-dense broccoli and carrots to support healthy skin and coat.

Turkey Recipe

Just like the homemade meal you make for your human family every Thanksgiving, but specially designed for your dog. This low-fat recipe is complete with locally sourced turkey, nutrient-dense superfood kale, and butternut squash for improved digestibility.

Beef Recipe

Where’s the beef? Our Gently Cooked Beef Recipe is chock-full of it, balanced with antioxidant-rich berries and highly digestible rice, making it the perfect meal for dogs who have an immune response to gluten and particularly popular with picky eaters.

Lamb Recipe

No need to count sheep - you'll rest easy knowing your pup is staying healthy and happy with this recipe. Alongside high-quality lamb, it includes nutrient-rich green beans, carrots to support healthy skin and coat, and rice for gluten sensitivities.

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Nutricanine.ca review by Stephanie


American Staffordshire Terrier, Guelph

"After having gastro issues for years, my dog loves NutriCanine and is now well and happy again. The food looks great - completely different to what she was on before. The breeders recommended it and now I see why! Customer service also amazing."

Nutricanine.ca review by Mary


French Bulldog, Ottawa

"Excellent, our fussy eating puppy has gone from eating barely anything to now demolishing all her meals thanks to NutriCanine's gently cooked food!"

Nutricanine.ca review by Maria


Pomeranian, Vaughan

"Our Pomeranian is loving his new food, he was uninterested in his old dry food, often leaving it for the entire day nibbling occasionally. With the new fresh, gently cooked food box from NutriCanine, he is much happier and excited for his breakfast and dinner. He certainly craves and asks for his food, which he never used to do. Dry food is definitely out the door in this house!"

Nutricanine.ca review by Tiffany


Golden Retriever, Brampton

"Since changing from dried food to NutriCanine's raw dog food, we have seen a big change in Ellie, she has more energy, she is much more playful and now cleans her bowl within a few minutes. The quality of the food is excellent!"

Nutricanine.ca review by Bianka


Milo, Mini Poodle

"I probably have the pickiest dog in the whole world. I’ve tried so many different brands for my Mini Poodle. He wasn’t interested in any of them until I came across NutriCanine on IG. I decided to give it a try. Milo is hooked. I have never seen my dog lick his plate after a meal. Milo use to be a grazer but now he goes right for his bowl as soon as I put it down. I am so happy we’ve finally found the perfect dog food."

Nutricanine.ca review by Amir


Beagle, Uxbridge

"I got my rescue dog Tarzan in feb this year. I saw that a rescue in Toronto (Carescue) posted about them and thought I'll give them a try.

I found these guys very helpful with advice and the meals seem perfect for him, great company with awesome staff! Glad I’ve got them on our team 💙"

Nutricanine.ca review by Isabella


Rottweiler, Georgetown

"We have a very fussy 7 month old Rottweiler who has refused to eat countless other dog foods and would go the entire day with nothing. He also has quite a sensitive tummy. Since moving onto NutriCanine's fresh gently cooked food he is so excited at meal times, he absolutely loves it and eats every last bit plus his tummy has settled down. We would definitely recommend."