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100% Beef Lung

Got a picky pup? Even the fussiest of eaters will beg for more of our treats.

Rated 5.0/5

100% Beef Lung
100% Beef Lung
100% Beef Lung
100% Beef Lung
100% Beef Lung
100% Beef Lung

100% Beef Lung

Got a picky pup? Even the fussiest of eaters will beg for more of our treats.

Rated 5.0/5

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Made in Ontario

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24/7 Customer Service

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100% Beef Lung

  • Hand cut and then air-dried dog treats
  • Single-ingredient
  • Sourced in Ontario
  • Non- GMO
  • Nothing Artificial 
  • Ideal for dental and oral health

Storage and Serving 

NutriCanine's Beef Lung Treat is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

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Nutricanine.ca review by Stephanie


American Staffordshire Terrier, Guelph

My puppy got gastro enteritis from something she ate in the garden in only her second week being with us. This meant I had to be very careful with her food and introduce her to NutriCanine's raw dog food very gradually. She loves it and is now well and happy again. The food looks great - completely different to what she was on before. The breeders recommended it and now I see why! Customer service also amazing.

Nutricanine.ca review by Steven


Poodle mix, Hamilton

Absolutely love this company!

Great customer service, fantastic website and high quality product that my dog absolutely loves. Couldn’t recommend enough ❤️

Nutricanine.ca review by Natasha


Doberman Pinscher, Toronto

I can’t expresses how grateful I am with the service NutriCanine provides. I have never see such great customer service in my life. My friend told me about NutriCanine so I thought I should give it a try. I am so happy and thankful to have found such a wonderful company that takes that extra step to make their customers happy. Thank you again for all that you do NutriCanine.

Nutricanine.ca review by Mary


French Bulldog, Ottawa

Excellent, our fussy eating puppy has gone from eating barely anything to now demolishing all her meals thanks to NutriCanine's gently cooked food!

Nutricanine.ca review by Maria


Pomeranian, Vaughan

Our Pomeranian is loving his new food, he was uninterested in his old dry food, often leaving it for the entire day nibbling occasionally - by which time the cat had had a good chunk! With the new fresh, gently cooked food box from NutriCanine, he is much happier and excited for his breakfast and dinner. He certainly craves and asks for his food, which he never used to do. He has always been fed grain free, but dry food is definitely out the door in this house!

Nutricanine.ca review by Tiffany


Golden Retriever, Brampton

Since changing from dried food to NutriCanine's raw dog food, we have seen a big change in Ellie, she has more energy, she is much more playful and now cleans her bowl within a few minutes rather than it sitting there for much of the day. We have had no problems at all with her transitioning, the quality of the food is excellent!

Nutricanine.ca review by Lucille


Portuguese Water Dog, Toronto

Of all the raw food brands I've tried with my dogs, NutriCanine is the best. I'm impressed with the variety and nutritional content of the food, in addition to the educational information provided. It's also the only company I've purchased from that has a pet nutritionist oversee the "menu" based on the specifics of my dog's needs. My dog had no trouble transitioning from his previous brand to NutriCanine...

Nutricanine.ca review by Emma


Doberman, Oshawa

My puppy is so happy with this change to his diet!! He was six/seven months old and fed up of eating dry dog food he’d just walk up to it and leave it.

He has a very sensitive tummy so I was a little worried changing his diet to raw so I chose the gently cooked option- but he’s been loving it!!

He loves the variety of the freshly prepared gently cooked dog food and looks forward to his meals now!

Nutricanine.ca review by Joe


Weimaraner, Wasaga Beach

My fussy Weimaraner loves the raw puppy food and I love this company.

They are always so helpful, so prompt with deliveries and the customer service is second to none.

They always follow up to see how any calls went, and make you feel that they really care about their service.

Nutricanine.ca review by Bianka


Milo, Mini Poodle

I probably have the pickiest dog in the whole world. I’ve tried so many different brands for my Mini Poodle. He wasn’t interested in any of them until I came across Nutricanine on IG. I decided to give it a try. Milo is hooked. I have never seen my dog lick his plate after a meal. Milo use to be a grazer but now he goes right for his bowl as soon as I put it down. I am so happy we’ve finally found the perfect dog food.

Nutricanine.ca review by Mirella


NutriCanine has been an absolute God sent! With covid and retail locations closing temporarily, I found it extremely difficult to find my dogs food even through online purchases as they were constantly out of stock. I decided to google raw food options and NutriCanine came up right away. Jason and his team are amazing! Very accommodating, actioned all my requests, and customized my dogs meal plan based on what worked and she liked. Their service is first class delivering your dogs meals every 2 weeks to your front door. Packaged and sealed securely with ice packets keeping its contents frozen. I have highly recommended them to family and friends who too have switched over and are extremely happy with their own experiences.NutriCanine comes highly recommended...

Nutricanine.ca review by Olivia


German Shepherd, London

The food is amazing and so fresh it certainly assisted with the skin allergy, it’s noticeable that the scratching has reduced. My dog is on the gently cooked food.

Nutricanine.ca review by Ava


Bichon Frise, Barrie

My little puppy absolutely loves NutriCanine's fresh gently cooked food! He literally screams when I am putting it on his mat! Highly recommend NutriCanine's raw dog food! The food is great, delivery and ordering is super easy! I want to give our puppy the best food and I really believe this is it!

Thank you so much NutriCanine! You have an extremely happy Bichon Frise!!!

Nutricanine.ca review by Amir


Beagle, Uxbridge

I got my rescue dog Tarzan in feb this year. I saw that a rescue in Toronto (Carescue) posted about them and thought I'll give them a try.

I found these guys very helpful with advice and the meals seem perfect for him, great company with awesome staff! Glad I’ve got them on our team 💙

Nutricanine.ca review by Isabella


Rottweiler, Georgetown

We have a very fussy 7 month old Rottweiler who has refused to eat countless other dog foods and would go the entire day with nothing. He also has quite a sensitive tummy. Since moving onto NutriCanine's fresh gently cooked food he is so excited at meal times, he absolutely loves it and eats every last bit plus his tummy has settled down. NutriCanine have been brilliant and it is really easy to amend your order until the day before it is due to be delivered. We would definitely recommend.

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