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About us, Nutricanine

Our Story

When I worked for big brand pet food companies as a consultant, I noticed a few truths. Dog food is widely unregulated, and many big brands cut costs by using fillers, preservatives and ingredients considered "unfit for human consumption." If it wasn't good enough for me, I wasn't going to feed it to my dog, Bella.

I switched Bella over to fresh food, and she ate it up - literally. Not only did she love her new meals, but her skin issues disappeared. But there was still one problem: the inconvenience. Most fresh-food companies have one-size-fits-all meal packs, and measuring the right portion can be messy and confusing. Plus, there's nothing worse than late-night visits to the pet store because you've run out of food.

I set out to create a dog food company that's different from the rest - one that makes pet parents just as happy as their dogs. You can literally see, smell and feel (and with the gently cooked food option, taste) the difference in our food. Buying real, fresh food for your dog isn't buying a luxury product; it's about recognizing that our pets are living beings and deserve something better than highly processed foods.

CEO and Founder

Our Mission

At NutriCanine, we believe in making it easy and convenient for pet owners to feed their dogs freshly prepared, real-food meals so that they can live longer, healthier, happier lives.
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Health Benefits for...

We source high quality ingredients

All of our recipes are made with 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients and
contain no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives.

Recipes guided by science & made with love

All of our gently cooked recipes are developed by an agrologist to be nutrient-dense, lick-the-bowl-clean delicious and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines.

Chicken Recipe

Bowl lickin' good - but we don't keep our recipe a secret! Inside, you'll find only the highest quality chicken plus fruits and veggies, like nutrient-dense broccoli and carrots to support healthy skin and coat.

Turkey Recipe

Just like the homemade meal you make for your human family every Thanksgiving, but specially designed for your dog. This low-fat recipe is complete with locally sourced turkey, nutrient-dense superfood kale, and butternut squash for improved digestibility.

Beef Recipe

Where’s the beef? Our Gently Cooked Beef Recipe is chock-full of it, balanced with antioxidant-rich berries and highly digestible rice, making it the perfect meal for dogs who have an immune response to gluten and particularly popular with picky eaters.

Lamb Recipe

No need to count sheep - you'll rest easy knowing your pup is staying healthy and happy with this recipe. Alongside high-quality lamb, it includes nutrient-rich green beans, carrots to support healthy skin and coat, and rice for gluten sensitivities.