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Breed Siberian Husky
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    Loyal, Outgoing, Mischevious
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What is the best dog food for a Siberian Husky?

The Siberian Husky is a dog breed heavily associated with energy and strength. It’s a breed with a storied history. Starting in the Chukchi Peninsula of the Russian Federation and moving into Alaska of the United States, Huskies are closely tied to pulling sleds for human transportation. In the early years of domestication by the Chukchi people, Huskies were left to roam and hunt of their own accord until they chose to return during periods of food scarcity. This history of labor and hunting has led to the Siberian Husky’s active lifestyle that we still see today. While Huskies are one of the more resilient dog breeds today, this connection with sled pulling has some possible health risks associated with it. Sled racing can increase the risk of ulcers, bronchitis, “aski asthma,” and gastric disease. Due the small group of foundational Huskies may also put Huskies at risk for the founder effect, a lack of genetic variety due to a smaller than average gene pool.

Beyond these concerns, Huskies are one of the breeds least likely to contend with hip dysplasia, and the majority of their health risks are genetic, and many of them are diseases of the eyes. Juvenile cataracts, for example, may affect younger Huskies, but many of these conditions, such as corneal dystrophy, glaucoma, and progressive retinal atrophy, are more likely as the Husky ages, making them more of a concern for senior dogs. As mentioned above, Huskies are known for their active lifestyles, which is also something that will typically start to decline with age. While Huskies face less health risks overall than many other breeds, they will still face their own challenges in their later years, so it’s best to be prepared. One way you can care for your senior Husky is with a proper diet.

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What Makes a Siberian Husky Unique?

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