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Top Dog Parks In Whitby

The neighborhood of Whitby offers two awesome dog parks to run around with your canine best friend, without worrying about having to keep them stuck on a leash. At these parks, your dog can run to their heart’s content, make new playmates, and you can meet some neighbours! Not every dog park is created equal, and these two dog parks each have some great features. We’re sure that all the pooches in attendance will have their tails wagging for a day of outdoor fun at these dog parks. The parks are open from dawn until dusk.

North Whitby Off-Leash Dog Park

5001-, 5617 Cochrane St, Whitby, ON L1P 2A3


Cochrane Street site located at the southern terminus of Cochrane Street, south of Winchester Road West (Highway 7) within the Heber Down Conservation Area.

This dog park has tons of open space and is fully fenced and gated, with an area of about 1 hectare. For those of you with little dogs, this dog park offers a separate fenced area for small dogs, so they can participate in the fun too! The Heber Down Conservation Area offers walking trails and a scenic river that passes through it and a pond. Some may describe the Heber Down Conservation area as a wooded oasis situated in an urban area. The park is a wonderful place for a family picnic or get-together of any sort. The park has washrooms and picnic tables, and access to adjacent walking trails. There is parking at this site; however, it requires everyone to pay and display. You are able to buy an annual pass, which covers all Central Lake Ontario Conservation Area parking fees and general admission fees for a one-year period.  

Whitby Off Leash Dog Park South

470 Jeffery Street, Whitby, ON  L1N 9Y2

Located at the northern terminus of Jeffery Street, north of Victoria Street West, adjacent to the Lynde Shores Conservation Area. 

This park is open every day of the week for your dog to let out some energy and sniff to their heart’s content. This dog park also features a fenced area for small dogs, so all size dogs have a place to play! The park has a big open field and is approximately 1 hectare in size. There is not a lot of traffic to the park, so it’s a good space to let your dog roam. This park also features picnic tables and granular walkways for you and your buddy to explore.

Don’t forget that when you visit a dog park in Whitby you should follow the Code of Conduct. The town wants to remind everyone that users of the Off-Leash Dog Parks do so at their own risk. The owners are responsible for the safety and conduct of their dog(s) while attending the park. You must pick up after your dog does their business right away and dispose of it in the designated containers. 

Make sure your dog is licenced and is up to date with all their vaccinations. Dogs in heat, or who are sick, or who are aggressive, are prohibited from entering the off-leash area. Your pup must be leashed when entering and exiting the off-leash area. You are permitted to bring a maximum of 3 dogs per owner/handler. All dogs must be with an owner/handler who is at least 16 years of age. Your pup must also stay within your sight at all times and be under your verbal control. Make sure your dog doesn’t dig any holes in the park, so if that’s your dog’s activity of choice, be sure to find an alternative spot.

For safety reasons, small children are not allowed within the off-leash dog park areas. Also, if you have a small dog, you should use the small dog area, if available, in order to avoid any conflicts and to keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable. So, if you would prefer for family time at the park, you can find some other trails or paths and explore the off-leash area another time. You must also not bring food or breakable containers into the off-leash dog park.

Finally, keep this dog park etiquette in mind while visiting a dog park. Before petting another dog, be sure to ask the other parent for permission. If you have treats with you, make sure to only give them to your dog after visiting the park, to ensure there is no competition between dogs. Additionally, if you decide to bring a toy to the park, make sure to bring a second one in case another dog grabs the first one. While your dog is occupied with the second toy, you can ask the other owner to return your toy to you. 

And most importantly, don’t forget to have the most tail-wagging fun with your furry friend!

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