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Raw Dog Food Delivery in Thorold


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Why Choose NutriCanine?

At NutriCanine we offer healthy, wholesome raw dog food diets in Thorold that your dog will love. Our meal plans are formulated with your pet in mind and how we can improve their lives. The benefits of a customized NutriCanine raw dog food Thorold meal plan includes:


Benefits of a NutriCanine raw dog food diet

Once you sign up, our vet-designed raw dog food is delivered right to your door in pre-portioned, single-serve packages in Thorold. Ask about our raw dog food delivery options.

Each meal plan will have up to 10 different proteins rotating every few weeks to ensure a diverse and balanced diet. This provides your pup with all of the different nutrients and vitamins they need.

NutriCanine, healthy raw dog food is delivered right to your door in Thorold.

Raw Dog Food Thorold FAQs

Is raw dog food good for dogs?

Yes. Canines' short and simple digestive tracts are designed to eat, digest and assimilate raw meat easily. Dogs also have a high level of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs that allows them to digest animal proteins, bones and fat, while breaking down harmful bacteria. Dogs are not affected the same way by salmonella or e.coli like humans. Studies have shown that dogs on average live two years longer on raw food vs. kibble or cooked foods.

How much raw dog food to feed my dog?

NutriCanine is a dog food subscription service. You provide information about your dog and we use it to create a custom meal plan just for them. Our meals are pre-portioned and delivered right to your door every two weeks.

Our meal plans arrive at your door in airtight bags with thermal packaging to ensure freshness. Each meal is pre-portioned for one day's serving. Store them in your freezer, then defrost in your fridge the night before consumption. Shipping is always free and we deliver two week's worth of meals at a time.

How do I transition my dog to raw dog food?

When you receive your first meal box from NutriCanine, you can begin right away to transition your dog to their new diet.

There are two different ways to help your dog switch from a kibble/ cooked to a NutriCanine raw diet. You can choose to follow the Immediate Method to start your dog on a 100% NutriCanine raw diet right away, or you can use the Gradual Method to slowly phase out your dog's old food and gradually replace it with NutriCanine.

We recommend the Immediate Method as it offers the best results in the shortest amount of time.

If your dog is already eating a raw diet from a different provider, you can simply replace their old food with NutriCanine, or follow our Immediate Method guide.

With either method, make sure to add NutriCanine's Flavour Enhancer into their meals. The NutriCanine Flavour Enhancer is 100% pure, locally sourced beef lung. The Flavour Enhancer is all-natural, human-grade beef liver has been dehydrated and ground into powder, so it's easier to apply to the food. You can read the details on how to apply the Flavour Enhancer on the package.

During this first week, pay some extra attention to your dog's poop. You will almost certainly notice a difference in the amount and consistency, but don't worry because this is perfectly normal! If you see more of a liquid consistency than usual, just stick with the same percentage of their old food and NutriCanine food for an extra day or two. For example, if you start to notice runny excrement on day 4, just keep feeding them 50% old food and 50% NutriCanine for days 5 & 6. After a couple of days, you will see their stool looking more natural to a raw diet.


Immediate Method (Recommended)

With the majority of dogs over one year of age, the best way to transition to a raw diet is to fast your dog for 24 hours and then feed one NutriCanine pre-portioned meal.

By fasting your dog (that means no food, no treats, just water) for 12-24 hours, it allows their digestive system to rest and reset, and it helps to boost their immune system. After fasting, your dog will also be hungrier, more interested in eating and more adaptable to the NutriCanine raw diet.

Never fast a puppy under one year of age. Instead, replace your dog's previous food with their NutriCanine pre-portioned meals at regular feeding times.

Before feeding your dog their first NutriCanine meal, we recommend removing it from the refrigerator and letting it sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. In the early stages of transitioning, some dogs may react negatively to a cold meal and could even regurgitate it. To be on the safe side, we recommend feeding your dog room temperature meals for five days before feeding your dog directly from the refrigerator.

The first few times that you put a bowl of raw food in front of your pet, they may seem unsure or uneasy about it. This is entirely normal and common in dogs who haven't been fed a raw diet in the past. Think of a baby discovering a new vegetable – it can be upsetting at first because it's new and different, even though vegetables are good for the baby. Your dog is the same way.

Raw dog food is very different compared to the kibble or cooked food that they might be used to. Give your dog extra time to eat (up to 15 minutes). After this time, put any leftovers in the fridge for their next meal.

We recommend adding a digestive aid or goat Kefir when first starting your dog on a raw diet. However, most dog parents have found that an immediate transition from kibble or cooked food to NutriCanine is smooth, easy and doesn't result in any complicated digestive issues.


Gradual Method

We recommend the Immediate Method, as studies have proven it to be more effective. The Gradual Method is much more difficult and time-consuming, but it is an option for pet owners who are interested in an alternative to the Immediate Method.

The Gradual Method is to introduce a NutriCanine raw diet slowly by feeding your dog, small portions of raw food with their kibble meals.

Before feeding your dog their first NutriCanine meal, we recommend removing it from the refrigerator and letting it sit at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes. In the early stages of transitioning, some dogs may react negatively to a cold meal and could even regurgitate it.

Mix a small amount of the room-temperature raw food with your dog's kibble. The ratio should be approximately 75% kibble and 25% raw food. After two days of successful feeding, increase the ratio to 50% kibble and 50% raw food. After two more days of successful feeding, increase to 25% kibble and 75% raw food. When two more days of successful feeding have passed, your dog is ready to eat 100% raw meals. You can now rely entirely on NutriCanine's pre-portioned raw dog food meals.

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