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Get Raw Dog Food Delivery in Burlington

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Email: info@nutricanine.ca

Why Choose NutriCanine?

At NutriCanine we offer healthy, wholesome Raw Dog Food Burlington meal plans that your pet will love. Our meal plans are formulated with your dog in mind and how we can improve their lives. The benefits of a customized NutriCanine raw dog food Burlington meal plan includes:

• Fresher breath
• Cleaner, whiter teeth
• More stable energy levels
• Improved digestion
• Reduction of allergies and intolerances
• Increased palatability
• Less flatulence
• Firmer stools

Once you sign up, our vet-designed raw dog food is delivered right to your door in pre-portioned, single-serve packages in Burlington. Ask about our raw dog food delivery options.

Each meal plan will have up to 10 different proteins rotating every few weeks to ensure a diverse and balanced diet. This provides your pup with all of the different nutrients and vitamins they need.

NutriCanine, healthy raw dog food is delivered right to your door in Burlington.

Raw Dog Food Burlington FAQs

Is raw dog food good for dogs?

Yes. Canines' short and simple digestive tracts are designed to eat, digest and assimilate raw meat easily. Dogs also have a high level of hydrochloric acid in their stomachs that allows them to digest animal proteins, bones and fat, while breaking down harmful bacteria. Dogs are not affected the same way by salmonella or e.coli like humans.

How much raw dog food to feed my dog?

NutriCanine is a dog food subscription service. You provide information about your dog and we use it to create a custom meal plan just for them. Our meals are pre-portioned and delivered right to your door every two weeks.

Our meal plans arrive at your door in airtight bags with thermal packaging to ensure freshness. Each meal is pre-portioned for one day's serving. Store them in your freezer, then defrost in your fridge the night before consumption. Shipping is always free and we deliver two week's worth of meals at a time.

How do I transition my dog to raw dog food?

Transitioning to a raw food diet is simple! Follow these 3 easy steps and you are on your way to having a healthier and happier pup. 

1.) Fast your dog for 12-24 hours.

2.) Start with half of a NutriCanine single serving. Once they've finished, offer the second half. If your dog doesn't finish, try offering the second half 12 hours later. Every dog is different and it may take some time for yours to adjust to the new diet. Just keep at it and soon your dog will be licking their bowl clean. 

3.) Moving forward, feed one NutriCanine meal per day. Defrost each serving in the fridge overnight before feeding.

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